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** (I originally posted this journal entry here. I am not going to make many journal entries, as my main reason for having user accounts is to follow and comment on various community and user’s journals without being anonymous. My business keeps me plenty busy. Note that this looks very different from the FA version because I can rename the links, which is also very time consuming.)

This is my first journal entry. Just text would be rather boring, so I decided to add links to some of the videos and photos I found that made me want to join the fun. Search any of the names you do not know about to learn more.

I stumbled onto fursuits and the furry fandom while surfing YouTube. I don’t remember what I was watching, but one of the suggested videos was beetlecat’s Red XIII Cosplay Fursuit Costume. WHAT IS THAT? I clicked on the link to watch the video, not realizing what I was about to get into...

Whoa! I gotta check this out! I spent the next several hours watching fursuit videos and browsing photo galleries late into the night, jaw dropping and muttering expletives (PG-13 rated here, think Cid from FF VII) or laughing my ass off, trying not to fall out of my chair.

Here is a sample of the videos and photos I found:

beastcub’s quad suits and another video, plus many more videos, and the photo gallery.

qarrezel’s (Clockwork Creature) realistic suits, fantasy creatures and the photo gallery.

lion_of_the_sun’s surreal high tech heads. Lionel does the Meow Mix jingle, acting like a character straight from The Muppet Show and the photo gallery.

monoyasha’s (flurrycat on FA) Red XIII partial. The head looks just like Nanaki from Final Fantasy VII. Wait, she also did a Boma (Heat Guy J) werewolf head with glowing red LED eyes? Damn, that IS Boma! A great cosplay, and the photo gallery.

Though not about fursuits, the skit is a hilarious Heat Guy J parody and shows Boma in action.

I then remembered that I should check out beetlecat’s YouTube channel to see what else is there…
and got Red Rolled. The video is age restricted? Apparently, the YouTube censors think Nanaki shaking his padded booty at the camera is suggesting something?
I then discovered why amran should not be allowed in the gym, or at least not on a treadmill.
I found that mattpanther some how survived an encounter with the Demon Beast at RainFurrest in 2009.
beetlecat created an incredible quad suit named Toby the Targ, and this is her favorite video of Toby in action, plus the photo gallery.

I later found fatkraken’s unbelievable Kimahri cosplay fursuit from Final Fantasy X. Oh wait, her avatar image isn’t a screen capture, but an actual picture of another fursuit she made?

I also discovered that all of the above fursuit makers are relatively new at the craft, so they are still improving their skills.

aeto’s Dar'Rushk, the Manticore created by the masters, Lance Ikegawa furtech and Lynette Eklund, from concept art by Britt Martin.

furrynightlive (FNL) skits. Here’s one showing why you don’t want Harold furball2k on your fishing boat, as Yippee Coyote found out and a Raider’s parody with farraptor as Ice Age Jones.

The fursuit community on Live Journal, moderated by diadexxus, frysco and matrices has plenty of links to other fursuit info on the Fursuit Community Profile page as well.

And there’s way more fursuit/furry stuff on Fur Affinity of course, plus YouTube, Deviant Art, etc.


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